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    The Project

    We were honored that Frankel Realty came to us for help with their website. What they had was outdated and not responsive for tablet and phones. They needed a fresh look without compromising the Frankel Realty brand. The agents needed to be highlighted since they were the heartbeat of the business. They also were using an outdated lead tool and that needed to change. Could we build them a new one? YES!

    View the Frankel Realty Website

    The Challenge

    Frankel Realty had a large group of agents that they wanted to highlight along with the amazing homes they had listed. Most real estate website have a very busy design and we wanted to streamline theirs so it was easier to navigate and had compelling photography, highlighting each home available. This was a challenge! They also had about 12 micro-sites, for communities in Palm Beach County that they had a specific agent assigned to. We needed to integrate all of this into their website. They said jump, and we responded with "how high!".

    View a Frankel Realty Micro-Site

    The Result

    When the new websites launched, it was a WOW! Beautiful colors and graphics along with user friendly navigation took Frankel Realty to a whole new level. The custom lead tool that we built for the back end made it easier to track and assign leads, something Frankel Realty was very thankful for. All the micro-sites are uniquely integrated to the main site so customers are never lead away from the Frankel brand. Each agent has their own page so customers can read about them and contact them directly by phone or through the website. We like to think we made life a whole lot easier for the Frankel Realty family.