Dirty South Bats

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    Ecommerce Website

    All Exceleron had to do was produce a website that would sell bats to 10-13 year olds that love baseball. How would we target that market niche in a web solution that was visually engaging and so enticing that the customer would be compelled to make the purchase of a lifetime? This bat could change their students' game but they had to PURCHASE. Our robust solution put them on the map and was a game changer for these baseball lovers.

    WAR Product Video

    Thankfully Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida was in our backyard, so we filmed overnight there. Using high speed action cameras, we wrote and directed and edited the WAR product video. Our casting call brought "actors" out in droves, but the young men who made the cut were amazing. The result was a video that people have watched again and again. You just can't get enough of it.

    Product / Marketing Photography

    Once the factory sent us all the components we went to work professionally photographing all aspects of the bats. Exceleron took images that highlighted usage of the product along with full close-ups of all the bats the Dirty South offers. We were honored to be a part of the launch of this product and have continued out support.