Addiction Treatment Marketing without Google AdWords

Addiction Recovery Marketing without Google AdWords

Jan 30, 2018
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  • So the question is where do you shifting your marketing efforts post the Google September update. First is content marketing, which is and will remain a key channel for successful addiction rehab centers. Google and other search engines still use content relevancy as a factor in determining search results. So if you are a new treatment facility and do not have the benefit of being around for a long period of time, you should focus on building the amount of content your website has related addiction and it's treatment. There are three primary types of content that should be a part of a facilities efforts.
    • Video content
    • Long form article content
    • Infographic content
    Video Content
    Video content can often be tricky for rehab centers, as there is a need for a balance of adding value to the viewer, not presenting an over the top sales message, while still engaging the user. Video content would then, via a content distribution solution, be disseminated to channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, and media outlets. A great example of this is to buy video ad space on news apps. USA Today allows for advertisers using GEO targeted ads to display video ads prior to a user watching video content on their app.
    Long Form Article Content
    A long form article is an article that is on average between 800 and 1500 words. These articles are a great way for a rehab center to provide valuable content to website views, ensure that content is rich with content relevant to users individual searches and help establish your website as a source of information which will, in turn, improve overall search engine ranking. The challenge often faced is the ability to produce these articles in regular consistent intervals. What treatment centers needs to understand is that they do not have to produce these articles themselves. The trick is to tap into the 10,000+ freelance writers and copy creators across the Untied States and the world. They are knowledgable of a wide variety of subjects, work well with deadlines, and capable of researching any level of content needed.    
    Infographic Content
    Often misunderstood when it comes to their use, infographics can be an engaging way to present complex data and information to addicts and their love ones; with the added benefit of being an item that can go viral quickly. Now the question is where do you source the data for your infographic, how do you present that data, and what makes an infographic go viral. First, a substance abuse rehab treatment facility needs to understand who they are targeting for this infographic, as the type of data and the complexity of information will vary based on whether they are trying to connect with other medical professionals in their field, or if they want to speak to the parents of an addict. Second, a strategy needs to be created on how an infographic will be distributed and marketed to the target audience.
    Once you have started your content marketing activities, it is now time to evaluate your digital footprint. The digital footprint of a rehab center has become increasingly critical for its success as Google has put special focus on providing local results. This means that often the treatment center closest to the user searching for treatment will be, in most cases, near the top of the search options.  So when we talk about a digital footprint what we are really talking about is a drug and alcohol treatments centers:
    • Directory listings
    • Social media profiles
    • Public reviews from trusted sources
    Directory Listings
    This often is an area of marketing that is filled with inaccurate information, and in some cases such as the drug and alcohol addiction treatment, this is all so an area filled with fraud. One area we've seen fraudulent activity is the listing information of treatment centers on sites such as,, and so on. In total there are nearly 100 different directories that provide information about the location of a treatment center, its contact number, and information about the facility. These can be a helpful source for backlinks, as well as just create more listings online that help potential clients seeking addiction recovery help to find your treatment center. Often in todays competitive marketplace, competing addiction recovery centers will alter a competitors listing or even go so far as to have it removed. As a result, it has become even more important that you have, as part of your marketing efforts to attract leads from individuals seeking treatment, a monitoring system in place to review all directory listings on a minimum of a weekly basis, and moreover to ensure that all of the information on these listing is correct and accurate.
    As directories can allow your treatment center to tell your story, it is important that every aspect of the treatment center's portfolio is filled out completely and with the right marketing message.
    Social Media Profiles
    Like directories, social media profiles are another way a potential addict or the loved one of some one suffering from addiction can find your treatment center. The challenge for a treatment center is determining the best course of action for taking advantage of these profiles. The most valuable profiles are:
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+
    • Youtube
    These profiles are a great way to help humanize the process of treatment and make a more personalized connection between the treatment center and individuals suffering from addiction. The trick is to have regular posts with valuable relevant content.
    Public Reviews from Trusted Sources               
    Reviews are often the most difficult to get, but they can be one of the most critical aspects of a successful drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation treatment center. In todays social environment, addicts and their love ones are still very private about addiction. As a result rather than speaking to a friend or co-worker, it is the reviews by strangers that are looked at for honest feedback.
    When a treatment center is new it can be a challenge to get these reviews. To combat this, there should be some focus on getting testimonials for past patients. A great way to overcome this challenge is thru video testimonials. A good video testimonial from a past patient is between two and three minutes. The best reviews are those found on Google Business Profiles and Facebook. 
    Asking for a review can seem like a strong imposition on clients as they exit treatment, however it has been our experience this is the best time to ask for testimonials, as the patient is having an emotional high from completing treatment.

    In part two of this article we will talk about Traditional Mediums for Drug Rehab Marketing 

    Now we need to consider traditional mediums for advertising, as they often are still a great way to build brand recognition and reach addicts when they are looking at the point of needing recovery. The primary traditional advertising mediums to look at are:
    • Television
    • Billboards
    • Radio
    • Magazines