Jupiter Donuts

Florida Small Donut Shop needing Marketing and Web Design Services

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    The Project

    Jupiter Donuts' owners asked Exceleron to develop an online presence for a small, growing donut shop business, based in Jupiter, Florida. When we met, the only visual they had online was a single Facebook page. We had to start with their logo. We created a new brand that showcased their style and flare. For Jupiter Donuts we created the following:

    • Designed a New Brand
    • Created a Website
    • Designed Print Ads
    • Food Photography of the Donuts

    The Challenge

    One of the largest challenges was how to incorporate their design for a 50's dinner style, keep the name Jupiter Donuts, while giving them a brand that can be used in locations that where not in Jupiter Florida. Reflective of the 50's retro style, Aaron, our Art Director, came up with the idea why not go early science fiction style. So we created a brand that featured the classic diner look and colors, but incorporated aspect such as stars, and frosting on the donut that matched that of the planet Jupiter. The second challenge we faced on this project was the donut photography. For any one who has ever tried to take food photography you know that it is tricky to make the food look inviting. So the Exceleron team when to work to showcase each individual donut as a star. The best part of this project was being at the donut shop at four in the morning, when they are making the donuts. We must admit that we ate way too many donuts but the result for our client was "out of this world".

    The Results

    Once all was said and done, the results for Jupiter Donuts could not have been better. The new site now sees over 10,000 visits a month. The new site features each of there five current locations, a donut menu that makes your mouth water, and the photography result was beautifully creative. We added the Donut of the Month to feature a new flavor each month. The website is so visually pleasing and the final product is one that Exceleron is proud of. We also designed a new coffee bag, since they have their own custom roast and print ads for new location grand openings. The staff here at Exceleron also gained 10 lbs each. Cost of doing business I guess and a price we were happy to pay!

    View the Jupiter Donut's Website
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    The crew of Jupiter Donuts work tirelessly day and night to bring you superbly handcrafted gourmet donuts so beautiful they'll bring a tear to your eye. That is why we appreciate all the attention and detail Exceleron spent on creating the new Jupiter Donut Brand and Website. Thanks for all your tireless nights

    - Chris Stokes (Owner)