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    The Project

    Rotary Supply came to Exceleron wanting a brand new website that would stand out from the crowd. Rotary Supply is in the business of providing large quantities of luxury wholesale linens to the hospitality industry. We designed a clean and elegant lay-out paired with large images of the products.

    The Challenge

    The first challenge we hit was how to make the back-end an user-friendly environment for our client. With the high quantity of products and images, we had to organize it in a way that the client would have no problem adding new products. One thing we did to assist this was adding pathways to each product, which made it pain free to upload more products. Our second challenge was finding an equal amount of content for all pages. Extensive research and teamwork helped us beat this challenge.

    The Results

    After design and continuous work, the result leaves an elegant and luxurious feeling website that is both user-friendly and informational. Fully equipped with high-resolution images to persuade buyers and an easy "add to my list" option that will track all products the consumer is interested in and seamlessly transitions into inquire more information about those.

    See the Website
    Exceleron Designs did an Amazing job and very hands on, which was huge for all of us. Well Done and I would highly recommend them.

    Greg Cope - Vice President